History of The College

The journey to the success by step by step

Beginning and the establishment

73 years ago because of the World War II, the primary section of the Ananda College, Colombo was taken into the current location of the Bandarawela central college. After that in 1944 the Royal College, Colombo was also taken into the place, but the establishment of the school as separate one was happened in the late 40’s. At that time the school was a primary leveled one when comparing the other major schools in the area.

The journey to the success by step by step

At the beginning the school premises was a little but Mr. hawk, who was British and the owner of the land “Glendale”, which was over 26 acres had contributed the land and his house (which is currently the school boys’ hostel) for the school and because of that the landscape of the school was increased very much. In 1954, Hon. John Kothalawale, who was the prime minister at that time opened the two-storey building with the conference hall, which is called “Mahagamasekara hall” today had helped very much to raise the pride, glory and the beauty of the school premises.

With the growth of the students in 1958 the school was changed into “Bandarawela Senior College” and in 1972 it became a central college. In 1974 the primary section of the school was separated and named it as “Bandarawela Dharmasoka College”. After that the school was converted into a secondary college which had grade 6 to grade 13.

The year 1986 can be considered as a remarkable year for the school as it became a national school in the island. At that time it was the only national school of the Uva province. Though there were several central colleges in the area under the education act in 1945; it could be considered as a remarkable moment by becoming the 1st national school of the province as the infant-central college in the area. This clearly shows the strong development of the school after its establishment.

Although the primary section of the Bandarawela Central College was separated from it in 1974, Dr. E.W Adikaram primary section was established as the primary section of the Bandarawela Central College in 1986 as a special project. Today it has been able to achieve massive success with about 900 students and 25 teachers. In the present Bandarawela central College is a light to the Uva province and usually considered as “The Heart of Uva”. In 1995 there were about 2600 students and now in 2015, there are about 5000 students with 175 teachers.

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