Principal’s Message

The most efficient, famous and the most outstanding school in the Uva province is our school; Bandarawela Central College which is really a valuable gem to thousands of students who were privileged to study there. As from 1942, the year it was established, mother Central has produced many students with many skills and abilities to the society. From the primary level to the advanced level there are about 4800 students who study here currently. Our college can be identified as the leading college in the area to qualify students for the Medical. Engineering, Management and Art faculties from the advanced level examination in each and every year. Not only that from the academic side, but also from the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like sports, aesthetic events, scouting and cadetting, our school has been able to achieve many victories and milestones.

It can be clearly seen that the dedicated staff of teachers is the major force that encourage students to achieve victories from educational, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. It should be appreciated very much the effort of them to find the hidden skills and abilities of students and making them sharp while maintaining a very good discipline in them.

As the modern concepts like globalization, industrialization and commercialization, the world has reached to highest step in the ladder of communication. In that process our country is also can be identified as a 3rd world country which uses her resources to develop communication to an acceptable level. The ministry of education has developed programs to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and personality qualities among all the students in the country by providing them internet facility via web sites and other mediums. Thus as the heart of Uva we have also developed the web site which addresses as follows; and the e-mail to provide latest and recent details of the mother Central to the world with the magnificent purpose to provide information for the past students who are who are all around the world and who are very eager to know the information about the school, find details which are essential for the management and the administration of the school, make a foundation for the teaching-learning process inside the classroom and develop the skills and abilities of the students with the educational knowledge to a persistent level and also share information among the stakeholders and the other related parties. Through this newly re-established web site it has become a massive opportunity to present the whole world about the special abilities and performances of the students, past students, and teachers. In the meantime I believe the website would be a prime opportunity to make contact with other schools in the country as well as foreign schools and other educational institutes and share the knowledge to develop the educational and personal lives of the students.

Finally I thank the students and the teachers who’ve given their best to re-establish the official school web site and other parties who’ve given their strength and effort to make this effort a very successful one. I wish this would be a great opportunity to glorify the mother Central with its raising reputation and tremendous goodwill

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